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Can you DIY a Home Inspection?

Absolutely, but do so cautiously; hear me out. When your average buyer is purchasing a new home they have lots of plans and ideas for the new space. Whether you are growing or raising a family, looking to remodel or start projects, or simply wish to move in without the headache of having projects to start out; its safe to say that emotions are heavily involved and purchasing a home is an large emotional event. From stress, anxiety, excitement, frustration, you're invested not only financially but mentally as well.

So when I say "yes, you can perform a home inspection yourself", in most instances, you absolutely can. Now, is it a good idea, no, it's not.

First off, the emotional and financial undertaking involved with purchasing real estate will likely not help you inspect a property with an unbiased eye. Meaning, you will likely gloss over smaller issues because they are "simple projects", but these small things tend to add up, both in cost and time invested. Hiring a licensed, professional home inspector allows a well trained individual to inspect, document and discuss anything found during an inspection with an unbiased eye. In the sale of a home, the home inspectors opinion of the property does not change based on whether the house "sells" or remains "for sale".

Second, most states have licensing requirements to become a real estate inspector. Here in Texas, licensing requires the Professional Real Estate Inspector to attend and pass a rigorous course load. When I attended Champions School of Real Estate, the requirement was 450 hours of academic courses, which simply prepared the student to apply and sit for the licensing test. The test was administered through a third-party testing facility and allowed 4 hours-45 minutes to complete. There are two parts, the state specific and the national portion. Once the test is passed and a background check is performed, the license arrives via mail within about 2 weeks. Now, the education doesn't stop there. Each year a professional inspector must accomplish 16 hours of Continuing Education Unites (CEUs) and carry proper coverage insurance as an inspector. All of this is to ensure that the buyer is hiring a highly trained, qualified, licensed individual to provide an unbiased opinion of a property.

If you are in the market to purchase, build or sell a property, it's recommended that you reach out to your local inspector early and help ease the burden of potential problems along the way. If you are in the Cibolo Tx area, call or text at 325-277-8792 for any questions you may have.

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